As a hard working serial entrepreneur with five successful businesses under his belt, Peter Schmitz now guides baby boomers with a business mindset how to build their own meaningful and honest ​internet presence so they can live a good life in retirement years and afford a lifestyle they truly seek to have.

2012 July Detroit LDW 371 Whether it be a traumatic life experience or failed business venture, Peter represents all those who have come out even better than before, and leads those who have a definite purpose with a never give up attitude into success.

You see, at the age of 16, Peter lost his left hand in a meat grinder. In that instant, his life would become committed to overcoming hurdles, obstacles and challenges. 

Everything he did was from the perspective of figuring out how can I do that?  

From water skiing with a prosthetic arm, to scuba diving, to swimming again, to riding a bike, to driving a stick shift, opening the door for his girl friend or even cutting his meat at dinner, he learned to overcome, be resourceful, and rely on himself because there were no teachers for the challenges he faced. This mindset has served him tremendously in business, and the various challenges presented along the way toward a six figure income.

But Peter understands as good or better than anyone that success in life and business is never told in a straight line. He knows all-so-well that one’s career rarely plays out accordingly either. Different chapters color the journey. Which is why he’s now making it his mission to help business minded baby boomers connect the dots with an internet marketing business to create leverage, and a good life with less worry and more time.

Peter has been able to impact the lives of thousands of people, from CEOs to beginning entrepreneurs, through his leadership, coaching and mastermind programs. He has helped many people achieve 6 and even 7 figure incomes. Peter has a true passion for educating others, and possesses a unique ability for helping smart beginners overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. His current business venture is creating an unparalleled number of internet success stories and has helped thousands of people generate their first commissions online. Peter ITU11

Currently, Peter’s passionate hobby is training for triathlon races. Funny story about that: the first triathlon Peter competed in, he finished dead last. Or as Peter likes to say, “dead, dead, DEAD last!” In fact, everyone had left, he says, and a police escort was required for him to finish. Two years later, he’s scheduled to compete in five triathlons and a half Iron Man in Canada. He trains six days a week and is a member of the Dare2Tri Paratriathlon team. During Peter’s down time, he enjoys BBQ ribs, chips and salsa and Bud Light in a glass. He teaches handicap kids to ski and volunteers at the soup kitchen. He’s known for his resourcefulness, tenacity, drive and determination.