Are You Practicing The Little Things?

The little things in life add up to be a big thing and do you practice the simple things every day?

Jim Rohn says it’s six or seven simple habits or disciplines that add up to success in life.  They are different for each of us but do you practice?

I got to thinking about this when my coach had me practice turns on my bike.  I mean U turns because there is usually a U turn in the bike race.  And I need to be confident in my ability.

When I first started racing, I literally would stop and turn around for fear of falling.

This past weekend it was a simple maneuver  . . . all because I practiced.

And you know what, I’ll keep practicing because I need to keep the skill I have and get better.

So at the last race I fell over after I had stopped because I could not unclip my shoe.

Embarrassing and a waste of time . . . especially in a race.

So what are you practicing every day?

Practice your turns so you don’t fall.

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