Are You Training To Be Average?

Are You Training To Be Average?

My coach asked me that few weeks ago when I told her I was running 6 miles two or three times a week.  Now I was running at the same speed for the six miles so I thought I was doing good to go the distance.

Her comment pissed me off.

She says if you train at same speed and distance all the time, you will never get any faster.  Your body will learn that is where you are comfortable and perform there.  That’s OK if you want to be average.

Man, the truth hurts sometimes.  I told her I hated her and I did not want to be an average runner.

After all, it is her job to coach me to be a better faster triathlete.
So she gave me new training plans to get me faster.

And they are harder. And they are working.

I have to admit she is right and I like the results.

So are you training to be average?

In your job or business?

Your health or weight loss?

Your family or marriage?

You have to get out of your comfort zone to get better.

Jim Rohn says just improve 1% per day.  No big deal, just a little bit each day.

And if you need some help – get a coach or a mentor.

And start measuring your progress.  I track all my training activities so I know if I’m getting results.

And my coach can adjust my training if it is working or change it if it’s not working.

Coaches or mentors are amazing and we all need them in our business, sports and even our marriages.

So get one.  I have one for my business too. And it helps me grow much faster and with fewer costly errors.

Start training to succeed, to excel and to achieve!

See you at the top!