Baby Boomers Find Secret Targeted Traffic Methods

8 Secret Targeted Traffic Methods
As any marketer knows, traffic is the life-blood of the internet marketing world. While newbies often think that massive amounts of traffic, any kind will do, is the answer; however, more seasoned veterans realize that targeted traffic is the real answer.8 target methods 1

There are hundreds of ways to generate traffic: from paid methods such as advertising, to organic methods, such as keyword research and content marketing. Most traffic tutorials that you will find tend to go over the same methods, and techniques time and time again.

In today’s video, we are going to take a look at seven less well-known methods for generating targeted, organic traffic for your website.

The first method that we’ll look at is creating links back to your website using tutorials. Start by finding a common problem in your niche by searching forums and question and answer sites.

Next, create a tutorial that solves the problem and post it on information sites like Squidoo and Hubspot. Be sure to include links back to your own site in the resource box. In addition, you can also post tutorials on Wikihow with links back to your social media accounts.

Video responses are a great way to piggy-back on traffic from popular video channels. To do this, find popular videos in your niche that you like and then create a video response. Put a link to your response in the comments section of the original video. Once again, include your link in the description of the video that you post.

Document sharing sites are an excellent source of targeted traffic. You can post articles and slide decks related to your niche to document sharing sites such as and Be certain to include links to your website in your shared documents

Contests are a great way to engage with your audience and also attract new audience members. Facebook is a perfect venue to run contests that can send traffic back to your website.

Twitter Swap offers to promote a free squeeze page gift for another marketer on Twitter and he or she will do the same for you.

The acronym HARO stands for, “Help A Reporter Out”. You can sign up as a source on the HARO website. You should start receiving email lists of reporters requesting interviews on a wide variety of topics.

Reply to any requests that fit within your niche. Once you complete the interview and the reporter publishes the article, you will receive traffic from the article.

This is how many websites get break-through traffic from top authority sites like Huffington Post, Yahoo and others.

Use Twitter to find guest-posting opportunities. To do this, head over to the Twitter search tool and use the following search terms. Let’s say your niche is golf. You would search for golf + guest post, golf + guest author, golf + write for us, and golf + guest article.

8 target methods 2 is a publishing platform that can send targeted traffic your way. The first step is to create an account on Look for pages in your niche that are looking for content. Next, suggest your content by visiting those pages and hitting the “suggest” button. It is important to note that not all pages will have suggest buttons.

There you have it. Eight lesser-known ways to generate targeted traffic for your website. As always, make sure to analyze your traffic sources and improve on what is working the best for your site.

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