Five Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Convert

If your website is on the front page of the front page of Google for your keywords, you are definitely going to attract a lot of visitors. But that’s only half the battle. The second part of having a successful website is converting visitors so they follow your call to action (CTA). Just because you…

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Top 4 Free Ways to Promote Your Website


  If you have a big marketing budget to promote your website, there are all kinds of paid ways you can use to attract more traffic. These include such methods as Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Action, banner ads, Facebook Ads, Google AdSense and Sponsored Tweets. But, if you have a low marketing budget … or no marketing budget…

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How To Attract Customers with Squeeze Pages on Auto Pilot


A squeeze page is a page that tries to attract customers or visitors to give you their name and email address in exchange for something they perceive as valuable, such as a free report, eBook or a video. They are also sometimes called lead capture pages or a email squeeze pages. The purpose of a…

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Your Complete Blueprint for Making Money with Guest Blogging

Guest-Blogging (1)

Like any other moneymaking platform, with guest blogging you need to start with a plan. Mapping out how you are going to build your guest blogging business – and make no mistake, using guest blogging to make money is a business – will help you maximize your revenues, minimize your labor, and help keep you…

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A Tried and True Way to Grow Business: Self-Promotion

Self promotion

 A real skill that well-known authorities have is self-promotion, and it’s a skill you should develop as well.  People also will put more trust in what you have to say if you are well known in your field. The better you get at self-promotion the more celebrated you are in your niche, the easier it…

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How To Write Your First eBook


Most aspiring entrepreneurs have thought of writing their first eBook at some point in their business development. Adding the title “Author” to your credentials is very rewarding and can significantly impact your business.   There are many reasons why you would want to publish a book. It is a marketing asset for your personal brand…

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Guest Blogging – How to Find High-Quality Blogs to Send You Traffic


The object of guest blogging is to reach the broadest possible audience. So you don’t want to post guest blogs on just any random blog. What you are looking for are the biggest, most popular and most influential blogs in your niche. If you have been blogging for a while or are a regular reader…

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5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Convert Better

Marketing design over beige background, vector illustration

The purpose of most business email marketing is to convince your recipient to take some sort of action, whether it is to sign up for a special offer or respond with specific information. The desired outcome of what you want your recipient to do is called the email’s Call to Action (CTA), and it should…

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How Do You Feel When The Season Has Ended

  Your season is over. Are you happy, sad, disappointed, relieved or do you start planning for next season? If you had a great season a celebration is good idea, If your performance sucked, then its time to regroup and make some plans for improvement. So how do you feel when your season is over.…

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What Do You Do When You Don’t Feel Like It?

We all have days like that – where we don’t feel like. We don’t feel like going to work. We don’t feel like taking out the garbage. We don’t feel like . . . you know what I mean. I didn’t feel like working out today. I put it off as long as I could…

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