What Do You Do When You Hit A Plateau?

What Do You Do When You Hit A Plateau? When you hit a plateau, what do you do? Whether it’s your business, your marriage, your training, raising your kids you will hit plateaus. Your business growth could be flat, your weight loss stalled, your marriage kinda boring. So what do you do? Quit? Start over?…

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How Long Do You or Should You Celebrate After A Personal Victory?

Peter Lake

Good question huh? How long is enough? And how much is enough? Yes you should definitely celebrate after a personal goal is achieved. All professional business coaches would say reward yourself with a celebration. They would also say be appropriate to the victory. If you close a million dollar sale maybe a vacation is in…

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When Is The Last Time You Took It Up A Notch?

Peter Tri 126

Hey it Peter from PeterSchmitz.com with a question for you today. When is last time you took it up a notch? Whether it’s your job, your marriage, your business or your sports. When is last time you really I mean really out did yourself, worked beyond exhaustion, romanced your spouse or just plain performed beyond…

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Life Lessons Learned From A Triathlon


This past weekend was my best race ever! I was totally prepared and it was third year for the Wauconda triathlon at the local park district. My goal was 1:30 or less and I did 1:29:38! I had the my personal best bike split at 19.4 mph and run at 9:38 min/mile. I was pumped.…

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Living The Dot Com Lifestyle

Living the Dot Com Lifestyle is not about fast cars, exotic vacations, fine dining and partying all over the world. This is what the Dot Com Lifestyle means to me. 

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How To Roll A Suit

How I packed 10 days worth of cloths into a carry-on bag by rolling my suit.

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My Super High-Tech Carry-On Bag

The 22″ ATGO carry-on bag from High Sierra is perfect for Dot Com Lifestyle travel.

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How To Create A Paperless Office

How to use the ScanSnap scanner and Evernote together to create a totally paperless office.

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How To Be The Go-To Expert

My presentation at the Home Business Summit on how to become the go-to expert in whatever field you choose.

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$15,000 Each To Hear John Speak

These people paid $15,000 each to hear John speak. You get access to John’s knowledge for free!  

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