Hi my name is peter Schmitz and in this video I’m going to share my story with you and tell you how I got started in the internet marketing business

I’m a serial entrepreneur with 5 successful businesses under my belt and now I guide baby boomers with a business mindset who want to build their own internet marketing business so they can live a good life in retirement and afford a lifestyle they truly seek to have.

Whether it’s a traumatic life experience or a failed business venture, I lead those who have a definite purpose and a “never give up attitude” for success. No matter where you are in your life right now, no matter what challenges or obstacles you might be facing I want to show you what’s possible.

You see when I was 16 I lost my left hand in a meat grinder. In that instant my life would become committed to overcoming hurdles, obstacle and challenges.

Everything I did from that day on was from a different perspective
I had to figure out “How can I do that?”   Let me explain.

When I was 16 I was a competitive swimmer and actually the best breast stoker on the varsity team.  I vividly remember my coach coming to see me in the hospital.  I looked up from my bed and said “guess I won’t be swimming anymore” I still recall his few words “Yes you will. I’ll see you in the pool”

That was a very defining moment.  I did what my coach said.

Clyde, my coach had a significant impact on my life when he designed a special swimming paddle that worked so well that I actually competed in the National YMCA swim meet.

My greatest inspiration was my mom.  She was always there for me and helped me get my prosthetic arm and the swimming paddle made.  She was the one who got me back on the horse or in this case “back in the pool.”

I was very resourceful and I was out to prove to myself that I could still “do it”.   I wanted to be as normal as my friends so when they learned to windsurf so did I, which is hard enough to do with two hands. Now I have 10 different arms or adapters for all the sports I do.  I learned to be resourceful and find other amputees to learn from.  I learned the value of having a coach to guide me through the challenges.

I understand better than anyone that success in life and business is never a straight line. Heck I was single till I was 36, divorced, remarried, raised a successful son, laid off 4 times and started 5 businesses. Every chapter is a different lesson with a different take away. Maybe you can relate.

One of my most recent business ventures was a network marketing business. We had built a very successful team with over a million dollars in sales in 2012. But then, the market shifted and the wheels started coming off. In just a few months we lost half our team and our income dropped just as fast.

I was at a fork in the road.  I could recruit a new team or do something with better systems and more leverage.  I did not want to be dependent on a job or someone else for my future. It was time for a change.

Jim Rohn says “for things to change you have to change”

I responded to a Facebook ad for an internet business from a person I knew, liked and trusted.  That’s how I found MOBE.  And I am glad I did.

I was aware of internet marketing, funded proposals and sales funnels but never took action because it was too overwhelming.  It takes a complete business system to do it right and I knew I was not capable of building my own system.

I immediately recognized the value of the MOBE program. It is a complete business system that included a coach to help me get started.  The benefits of having a coach guide me was priceless and eliminated all the fear I had of getting started.  The MOBE sales team does all the selling for me so that totally overcame the fear of selling.

They do all the selling for you to earn $1000, to 10000 in commissions.  That’s more than most people make in a whole month.

So I got started and positioned at the Diamond level for maximum leverage.  In my first full month, my commissions were $4,400. That got me really excited.  It’s not a fortune but it’s a great start.

Now it’s your turn.  What do you want for your life?

You came to this page looking for an online business and I can honestly say you found it.  MOBE is a complete business system with step by step processes to follow, a coach to guide you through the steps, a sales team that does the selling for you and top tier products so you can earn big commissions.

I don’t know about you but if you’re at all like me you (want to provide for your family now and in retirement)   You need to get started on your future now, not next week, not next month.
Now it’s your turn. Make a decision to change your future and get started today.

If you are coach-able, willing to work hard and have a true desire to create financial freedom then I invite you to connect with me.  Click the button below and take action to create your future today.