Do You Have What It Takes To Go The Distance?

Do you have the determination to go the distance?  Whatever race you are running, whether it’s a triathlon like me, a weight loss journey, a marriage, a challenging child or your struggling business.  Do you have the tenacity to finish the race.

Only you can decide and only you can do it.  It comes down to a decision – to finish or to quit.  Either way you get to decide.

Choose wisely my friend.  Every decision we make affect everything we do.

if you succeed in one area of life, you will most likely succeed in other areas of life.  Likewise, if you give up and quit on your weight loss you probably quit on other areas of your life too.

My recommendation.  Get a coach.  Someone you are accountable to.  Someone who will hold your feet to the fire.  Someone to encourage you but also someone to spur you on.

I have a coach for my triathlon training  and i am on a  team for fun, encouragement and friendly competition.

I also have a coach for my business.  He helps me stay focused, on task and is a great sounding board.  He keeps me from making costly mistakes too.  If you want to learn more simply click on the link.


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