“Good Is The Enemy Of “Better”

Good Is The Enemy of Better


Are you letting “being good” stop you from “Being Better”?

What do I mean by that?

When you are good at something, say a sport, a music instrument, a business skill, whatever it is, you are comfortable in that zone.

You can do it well so you like it and stay at that level or ability for long time.

You stop trying to get “Better”.

Hence – “Good” is the enemy of “Better”.

“Good” stops you from pursuing “Better”.

“Good” becomes your comfort zone and there you stay.

Now there’s nothing wrong with “Good”, it’s just not “Better”

We can always get “Better” if we want to and if we are willing to get out of our comfort zone.

I for one don’t like “Good”

I just had aero bars installed on my bike so I can get “Better.”  I have to learn how to ride in a totally new position on the bike and my coach wants me to ride without my prosthetic riding arm.

Now that is way outside my comfort zone!  It’s what I need to do to get “Better”.

I want to go faster to be more competitive so I’m going to train and train and train until I get “Good” at riding in the aero position.

Then there will be something “Better” to pursue – like a tri bike.  That is a whole new level for me to pursue in my riding.  And I’m going for it!

So what about you?

What “Good” is stopping you from getting “Better?”  What could you be doing “Better” and what are you willing to do to go for it?

Is it your job, your golf game, your health, your relation with your husband or wife or kids?

Whatever “It” is, go for “Better.”  Enjoy the pursuit.  You’ll be glad you did.

Then “Better” becomes the enemy of “Best.”  That’s a whole new level!