How Are Your Family Relationships?

I was at a family reunion this past weekend and its been a few years since we’ve all been together. There are six of us – four sisters and two brothers. All two years apart so we were a close family growing up.

But like most families we drifted apart with some moving across the country, kids, divorces and job changes. We haven’t all been in Green Bay since my dad died two years ago. So it was a great get together.

Like all families, there have been disagreements, sour business deals and relational challenges.

As we enter the second half of our lives hopefully we grow wiser and more mature. It’s time to forgive, forget and move forward. I could go into more detail on our family “stuff” but what’s the point.

All families have their “stuff”.

So whatever your family stuff is, maybe it’s time for you to forgive, forget and move forward.

Someone has to make the first move. Why not you?

Call your sister. Call your brother or your dad. I know all parents want harmony in their families.

And in the end, who can you really count on when you need assistance? It’s usually family.

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