How Long Do You or Should You Celebrate After A Personal Victory?

Good question huh? How long is enough? And how much is enough?

Yes you should definitely celebrate after a personal goal is achieved. All professional business coaches would say reward yourself with a celebration. They would also say be appropriate to the victory.

If you close a million dollar sale maybe a vacation is in order.

If you lose the 10 lbs. you wanted to, maybe a nice healthy dinner out is appropriate. (No dessert though)

If you win your race a few days off and a good meal or two is in order. Maybe a new piece of equipment in in order.

But then it’s time to get back to work. Sometimes it’s harder because you don’t have another goal just yet. That why it’s good to have a long term goal with several smaller goals or steps in the process.

After four races this past month and the half iron man as my big goal for the year, I’m lacking the same motivation I had earlier in the season.

But I know and my coach reminds me I need to keep the momentum going that I created to get me this far. I have two more races this year for sure and they are major events in Chicago.

And I haven’t hit 20 mph on my home course . . . yet. There’s still time this season.

So even if I train at 75%, I still train. I do not want to lose the momentum that I gained.

It’s like you do not want to let up after you lost 10 lbs only to put it back on.

My business and your business depend on momentum. We’ve got to keep it going.

Whatever that is for you. Keep the momentum going.