Lessons From A $30,000 Master Mind – Five Elements to a Successful Seven Figure Business

Hi, I’m Peter Schmitz from Chicago, and I’m here with my buddy  Georg from Italy.

We just got done with a thirty thousand dollar Mastermind event in Bali, Indonesia for the last twelve days, I think it was.

The Diamond Mastermind by MOBE, and what we’re going to do here in the next several videos is share with you what you can learn at a thirty thousand dollar Diamond Mastermind, because it’s pretty significant what we learned, and we want to share it with you.

The first day, they really focused on the five elements to a successful seven figure online business. We’re going to highlight those and then teach about them in greater detail.

Georg, what’s the first one? The first one I remember exactly. You have to have a marketing plan and a business plan.

Very good. That’s number one. Number two was?

Content. Content, exactly.

You have to have that content, so we’re going to talk more about content, but you’ve got to have good quality content every day.

And what is number three?

What should the content bring to you?

Leads is number three.  Very good. How many per day?

A great goal is twenty to thirty leads a day.

If you want a growing, sustainable business, you need fresh leads everyday.

What was number four, Peter?

Monetization strategy. Exactly.

You’ve got to have a strategy to take a new lead from a lead to a customer, to a better customer, to a really good customer. What’s the fifth one?

And the fifth thing is . . .


Exactly. That’s the gas of, gasoline.

Of all … The four points before, they are necessary, but at the end, like a car, you have all four but without gasoline, it doesn’t work.

Let’s talk about these just a little bit more, a sales and marketing plan. You need a business plan, and a business plan is just a simple plan. Don’t complicate this. Where do you want your business to be in three, six, nine, twelve months?

It can just be broad statements. You’re not going to the bank trying to get a big loan. You don’t need to get into that great a detail, but you need a plan or you’re never going to achieve the goal. Now the marketing plan is your marketing strategies and your tactics. That’s the stuff you’re doing every day. That’s the activities that you’re putting into your business to get results.

You do this at the beginning in front of all so you know exactly where you have to go. If you aren’t aware of where you have to go, how you can find the way to go there?

You’re never going to get there.

Let’s talk about content, good quality content.

This is the point because it could be also quantity, quantity, quantity, but that’s not the point. You have to put out quality content because this content you give to your leads. This brings leads up to buy in the second hand. You have to deliver them a service, to give them information, value information, where they can go through and can pick up something whatever.

It’s about an eighty percent quality content, twenty percent promotion.

Don’t overdo the promotion. If you promote too much, try to sell too much, you’ll turn people off, so eighty-twenty. I’ve heard some people say ninety-ten.

I think eighty-twenty would be a very nice split of the two things.

Number three is …

Number three was the leads.

The leads.

To create leads, and we talked before, we said before, twenty to thirty leads, but don’t stop there. You can go, oh, there could be hundreds of leads every day, but to take and place your business almost twenty, thirty leads should come in every day because if it doesn’t come in, you will struggle, so you have to put in your effort to put on this and arrive to this number of twenty, thirty leads at the beginning, and then you have to scale up.

That’s the finite in marketing business. You can scale up what you have learned. It’s scalable.

It’s all about paid advertising. This is typically not the free stuff because you get what you pay for with the free stuff, so we learned about paid advertising, whether it’s Facebook advertising, solo ads, banner ads. The things that you pay for and target the audience you’re looking for, your niche, so for me it’s like baby boomers. I’m targeting baby boomers, so I’m going to advertise to them to get baby boomers on my list, etc., so that’s it. Number four is the part we like the most.

That’s the monetizing strategy.

You have to think about it. It’s not the only thing that you have maybe one product. You have like the table with one leg. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t stay in place. You have to have different things, and Internet marketing, you can use everything to sell. You can be an affiliate of different products. Look, maybe Alibaba, something starting with Alibaba. I’m using it for myself, but on the other hand, I would highly advise to use Alibaba, but on the other hand, maybe you buy and I will get also commissions for this.

One of the things you want to focus on with a monetization strategy is you start someone out for a ten dollar product, then you take them to a hundred dollar product, and then you might take them to a two or three thousand dollar product. That’s the strategy. It’s call ascension strategy or it’s a monetization strategy, but you need a plan because it’s much easier to take a customer and sell them more than it is to take a prospect and sell them something the first time.

It’s much, much easier to sell a customer, so remember that. This is where the strategy part of your plan comes into place.

The last one is traffic.

Traffic. Everybody thinks traffic is the most important, and it really isn’t. It’s at the end, and MOBE taught us this. It’s not about the traffic. It’s really about the offer. If your offer is not strong enough, you’re not going to get the traffic, and so even though traffic is essential, it’s not the most important. You need all these other pieces in place to have a successful online Internet business.

There were two people at the master mind that had all five ingredients in their business and they were making almost six figures or more a month.

The high six figures.

That’s kind of what we wanted to talk about today. What we’re going to do is through the next several videos, we’re going to go into greater depth about the things we learned at the Diamond Mastermind because there were lots and lots of powerful messages to share so that you can achieve the same results of these two guys, these two people that are making big money because that’s what we’re here for. Thanks a lot for joining us. We’ll see you next time.