Lessons From A $30,000 Master Mind – Lead Generation Your Most Valuable Skill

It’s Peter Schmitz from Chicago, with my friend. Georg from Italy and we’re back. We were just at a 10 day Mastermind event in Bali Indonesia. A $30,000 Mastermind event with the best internet marketers from around the globe. We want to share with you some of the highlights of that event and what you can expect to get when you go to a $30,000 mastermind event.

Lead Generation
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We’ve had a couple of videos before this. One of them introduced us to you and what we’re going to talk about for the next 10 or 12 days. If you didn’t get to see that go back and see it, but today we’re talking about.

Lead generation.

What’s your most valuable asset to your internet business?

That is your email list. Everybody should create an email list. With your email list, you can stay in touch with your prospects. Where can you find or how can you create this email list?

Facebook, that’s a great way. How about a lead magnet, where you offer something free to get in exchange for their email list? You’re always going to exchange something of value in exchange for their email list, to build my list.

There’s 3 things that you talked about before that are essential once you have a list.

We can tell you what they are now.

You have to engage this audience, and you can also sell to his audience.

Yeah, a lot of people don’t do that.

They don’t do that but at first let us go back a step and speak at how to build the list up. Maybe we should talk about using video.

Like this. You can create also your list. Think about how many millions and billions of videos are in YouTube.

Lots and more and more videos will be used to create a list.

The other thing you can do is use solo ads to create a list. We’re not going to talk solo ads in great detail, but a solo ad is based in advertisement, where you’re having people click on your page in exchange for their email address. These are all different strategies, different tactics, part of your marketing strategy plan to build your list. How many people should we be adding to our list every day?

You should aim to add a minimum of 20, 30 leads every day to your list but I’ll repeat this, don’t stop on 30. Work to add 200, 300 more everyday on this list.

To have a sustainable online business, your list has to be growing every day. It’s one of the key things to keep your business alive, because people drop off the backend; you have to bring people on the frontend. People unsubscribe from your list every day, because they lose interest. It’s very normal, so you have to bringing new people.

When you create your business and marketing plan you have to have to add subscribers every day. If not there’s something missing in your marketing business plan.

The last part we talked about was to sell to your list. That’s what you should be doing 20% of the time, not 80% of the time. It’s 80% content, good quality valuable information, 20% promotion where you’re offering them something for sale. People will accept that. They know you’re in business to sell something.

Never stop creating your list. Go further and never stop to get other information

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