Life Lessons Learned From A Triathlon


This past weekend was my best race ever!

I was totally prepared and it was third year for the Wauconda triathlon at the local park district.

My goal was 1:30 or less and I did 1:29:38! I had the my personal best bike split at 19.4 mph and run at 9:38 min/mile. I was pumped. It was a good day!

So my coach says “guess the Half Iron Man really kicked you to new level”.   WOW I never thought of that. All that hard training and excruciating pain for 8 hours of racing in Canada paid off. Maybe not that day in Canada but when I thought about it, the next two races just got better and better.

It is paying off!

At the beginning of the season I told my coach my goal was to get to 20 mph average on my Wauconda bike course I ride all the time. She said that was a stretch since my early season times were at 17 – 17.4 mph. Gaining 3 mph in one season was a bit much. Well the half iron man nearly killed me is now propelling me to my goal. Pretty cool!  After this weekend, my goal is in sight.

So how does that apply to life and business goals? When’s the last time you went for something really big and had no idea how or if you’d make it. You were determined. You were prepared and you were ready. Only to come up short of the goal . . . but you finished. Kinda like my half iron man.

Now comes the cool part. You know the pain, you know the mental toughness, and you know it takes mind over body. Your body will endure the pain when your mind is focused on the goal. It won’t kill you and the pain will go away.

I thought my legs would be worthless the day after the half iron man. That I’d have hard time walking and that my knees would be really sore.

They were fine. Yes my legs hurt some. I did need to stretch. And my knees were tender but not in pain as I expected.

My body endured what my mind could visualize.

This past weekend I did good on the swim then pushed myself really hard on the ride to achieve my goal of 19 mph average for the 12 miles. My gauges told me I was at 19.2 mph at the half way point so I knew I could finish 19 for sure. So I turned up the heat in the last long stretch and hit 19.5. I was breathing hard now but the end was in sight. On more slight hill into the transition area. I beat my goal. I came in at 19.4 mph average for the bike.

Now for the run. What I didn’t expect is what a hard bike does to your run. It was hard to get my legs working and actually took a mile for my breathing and running to settling to a pace to could do for 5 K.

My goal was 30 min or less and I knew I needed a pace I could maintain. Fortunately my running is much stronger with coaching and I settled into my pace and came at 29:58 min for the 5k run. Not a speed demon but my best run time this season.IMG_6950

So how about you? What are you training for? It doesn’t have to be a triathlon but it does need to be something, some goal, some challenge that you really want to excel at.

Comment below send me a PM and we can talk. Life is meant to be pursued. Go get em’

I’m already planning my next half Iron Man for next season. Care to join us?