What Are You Doing Now To Get Ready for 2016?

What Are You Doing Now To Get Ready for 2016?

 Just this week two of my mentors said now is the time to get ready for 2016.momentum

Just when most marketers are winding down for “taking it easy” for the holiday season, they are teaching to ramp it up, to get things ready to hit 2016 with strong momentum.

One mentor even went so far as to say, this is the biggest strategy he executes for the last six years. The last six years! Let that sink in.

The biggest single strategy he executes.

The other mentor did training on this strategy for over 30 minutes. Saying how every activity marketers do in 2015 up until now are just to prepare for the final push to set yourself up for a strong start to 2016.

It’s hard to think about next year with so many other activities yet to finish this year.

Here’s my list:

I’m testing Facebook Like campaigns that need results analyzed so I can build my fan base at an affordable cost.

I’ve got Facebook lead generation campaigns to test and refine to grow my list.

I’ve got Facebook engagement campaigns to get approved so I don’t get shut down again.

I’ve got a new funnel campaign just starting with You Tube video ads being tested to grow my list and bring in new clients.

I have a new PPV campaign replacing prior one that did not do so well.

I’m learning how to use You Tube video advertising to drive cost effective leads to my sales funnels.

I enrolled in two different mentorship programs to gain expertise and focus from experts in their respective fields

And I’m researching a book that tells my story. I want to be a motivational speaker next year to inspire others to tell their story and inspire someone in their life.

So yes I am ramping up in key areas of my business to start 2016 with very strong momentum. Now is the time to get ready.

And I’ve learned to say no to some things as well which is huge. The shiny object syndrome is one of my big challenges. All too often I find myself looking at a new idea or marketing method that really doesn’t fit my business focus. It’s hard to say sometimes but my mentors tell me to focus. So focus I will.

So if you’re like me and need some help with your strategies and tactics, I’m offerin a free strategy session. Simply click here and schedule a time to talk.

It might just get you fired up too.

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