What Do You Do When You Hit A Plateau?

What Do You Do When You Hit A Plateau?

When you hit a plateau, what do you do?

Whether it’s your business, your marriage, your training, raising your kids you will hit plateaus.

Your business growth could be flat, your weight loss stalled, your marriage kinda boring.

So what do you do? Quit? Start over? Start a new plan?

I say no. Stick with what has worked for you in the past and keep going.

For me, I hit a plateau in my riding with my personal best in the last race I did. It’s a great place to have a personal best, but you or I can’t expect to hit a personal best every time we step up to the plate or go for a bike ride.

There will be days you just don’t have it in you.

So stick to your plan. Listen to your coach. They have been through this with other clients and know you have to keep moving forward. Keep working the plan.

Me. . .my running needs to get a lot faster. I have to focus on some basic running drills to bet better. Get more efficient.

My speed will get faster in time when I get the basics right.

The my plateau will move to a new level.

And gosh darn it, there will be another plateau to get over.

Ain’t life grand?

Here’s to your next plateau!