When Is The Last Time You Took It Up A Notch?

Hey it Peter from PeterSchmitz.com with a question for you today.

When is last time you took it up a notch? Whether it’s your job, your marriage, your business or your sports. When is last time you really I mean really out did yourself, worked beyond exhaustion, romanced your spouse or just plain performed beyond anything you ever did before.

And you survived. And you excelled. And you were totally wasted but exhilarated because you did it.

I had a revelation from my coach this past triathlon that stopped me in my tracks. WOW.

I just finished my race with a personal best time for the race, for my bike and for my run. I showed Stacee, my coach, my times and she said to me “I guess that half Iron Man really took you up a notch”

I had to stop and think – she was right. All the training, all the hours in the saddle, all the miles of running, all the miles in the pool and lake changed my game. The Iron Man took me over 8 hours and after a recovery period, my strength and speed increased considerably.

And it showed in my last two races with personal best times for both of them.

What a great feeling of accomplishment especially after all the work to get there.

Now for you. What are you doing to Take It Up A Notch.

In your marriage, at your job or in your business. I encourage you to challenge yourself to excel.

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment. And after the pain is gone, you will be at a new level.

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