Who Coaches You?

Who’s Your Coach?

I’m a big fan of having a coach or even coaches in my life.

In my career, I’ve utilized:

  • business coachesCoaching
  • personal development coaches
  • personal trainers
  • internet marketing coaches
  • triathlon coach

And that doesn’t include all the mastermind events, workshops, webinars or DVD’s

The question is, do you have a coach to help you get better in your business, sport or life?

And if not, why not?

Our education doesn’t stop once we leave school. Life is a process of learning and growing. You could go back to school but many of the skills we need to learn in today’s world are not taught in schools.

Their taught by the experts, the gurus the coaches that and “been there and done that.”

This past race season I had a triathlon coach for the first time with the Dare2tri team I am on.

I think she secretly hates me.  The torture she puts me through is unbearable.  However, after just two weeks, I really did feel the difference!! And my race times prove it.

But I resisted a triathlon coach for the longest time!

Mostly because I’ve always considered myself very disciplined.  “I got this! I don’t need someone to tell me what I already know what to do!” “My buddies know how to train.”

…oh boy was I wrong.

Are You Training To Be Average?

She asks me all the time “You training to be average?”

I wasn’t training very smart or effectively to get stronger and faster.

I hated to admit it but she was right. So I changed my tune and started to be coachable.

My biggest lesson: I didn’t realize how much I was getting in my own way.  She pushed me far behind the limits that I would have ever taken myself.  With drills I never heard of.

And if you’ve ever had a personal trainer, (heck even an at-home DVD), you know what I’m talking about, right?

You stop at “10,” but that trainer takes you “20.”  They help you ACCESS more.  They stretch you. Encourage you, and most importantly, they help you discover for yourself what is REALLY possible.

I’m going to come out say: I will never NOT have a coach in my life.

Now, reading this, you probably agree with me, right?

Having a coach or personal trainer (or bootcamp, group class, etc), pushes you further than you could ever push yourself, right?

So…why don’t we apply this to business?

Having a trainer makes sense, but why not a “Business Trainer” (or coach!)

So many of us as entrepreneurs think we have to do it all ourselves.  “I’ve got this!”  “I know what I need to do!”

Well, I hope you’re on my email list, because you want me to be your coach.  I already know “you’ve got this!” But it never hurts to have someone who cares to push you, stretch you, and inspire you to new levels.

I know a lot my subscribers follow me for internet marketing advice, but I also know a ton of my subscribers look to me for business, mindset and marketing coaching as well.

Well, first I want to say “THANK YOU.”

You DO Need A Coach!

And second, I want to say, whether or not you ever invest in my online programs, attend a live workshop with me, or become one of the rare who work on a one-on-one level…

I want to tell you that you DO need a coach.  Everyone does.  Including myself (and yes, I do have one!).  I hope you do look at me as a coach, but if not me, PLEASE go find someone you look up to!

Are You Coachable?karate-kid-i-teach

And…when you find a coach, make sure you’re coachable.  (I’ve noticed most entrepreneurs are not!)  Be open to receive new and different advice.

Be coachable.  Your education did not end when you graduated school.  Heck…that’s when it began!!

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Ok, that’s it.  Again, thanks for being on my subscriber list.  I appreciate you.